Donovan 417 Hemi Aluminum Blocks

Donovan’s Historic 417 aluminum engine block is now available in Billet and Original Casting.

Std 417 Hemi,
NEW Billet 417 Hemi

With over 5 MILLION lines of code, Donovan Engineering is proud to announce the Billet 417 Hemi.

This block blends decades of manufacturing experience with Mastercam’s CAD/CAM technology.

The result is the Ultimate 417 Hemi aluminum engine block.

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For racers who want the original 417 Donovan cast block, Donovan Engineering provides these original 417 cast hipped solid aluminum blocks.

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Donovan Engineering’s “Woody” talks about their new bottom-end design that combats Top Fuel’s most common failure: thrown rods. Close ups show a clever, modular girdle that cuts downtime between runs, and drop-in sleeves continue to offer ultra-quick repairs for cylinder bore failures.

The insider’s “cement trick” is discussed with Bob Santoro, and main-cap hard anodizing brings to light how dissimilar materials can be used successfully in this high-stress environment.

Ever popular in Vintage Drag Racing circles today, this 160-lb block continues to set records and dominate the scene across the nation at these events.

With this new upgrade, the venerable 417 Legend lives on, and is available now at

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